Get Tomii Boi

Get your own Tomii Boi today!

If you're interested in adding Tomii Boi to your Discord server, you've come to the right place. While he's already capable of so much, we're no where near done. We plan to make him as amazing as possible, that means things will only get better from here!

We're currently in the closed beta phase of testing. That means that right now he's not available to everyone, just the people that apply to have him in their server. We've decided to take this approach so we can find out how you guys would like to see Tomii improve before we release him to the public. So if you want your own Tomii Boi, all you need to do is apply! To apply you need to email us at and tell us that you're interested in having Tomii Boi join your server. Don't forget to tell us about your server and why you think Tomii Boi can help you. As long as we still have beta tester positions available, we'll happily help you add Tomii Boi to your server.

Click HERE to send us an email about getting Tomii Boi