What is Tomii Boi

Tomii Boi is a dynamic Q&A discord bot made with BotCompany's advanced NLP Technology

Tomii Boi is a dynamic Q&A Discord bot made with BotCompay's advanced NLP, Natural Language Information, Technology. Unlike traditional pattern-recognition software, Tomii Boi uses a sophisticated parsing algorithm to accurately read and respond to incoming messages. The algorithm processes these messages in a way similar to how humans communicate language, therefore resulting in more correct responses and less wrong ones, hence the NLP. For more info on how this works, check out Tomii Boi's NLP Patterns

While Tomii Boi is not the first Discord bot to have a pattern-recognition system, he certainly has the easiest to use interface. This allows you to develop his responses faster and more accurately. The Tomii Boi interface also allows for unlimited variations to your patterns, which you can do by separating the patterns with a coma. That means you can say goodbye to having to hand-make each possible way the user might say the trigger phrase. The responses are also able to be randomized simply by adding the "random" keyword. These are just some of the reasons why you should be using Tomii Boi.